Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy, Hell's Kitchen, Monday night, assorted pics and vids

It looks like the worst of the flooding is over in Manhattan. The water went up to over 13 feet throughout lower Manhattan.

There's a post-Sandy Part 1 party going on in the alley in back of my building. They're happy their apartment didn't flood and Hell's Kitchen still has electricity.

Whoa, the flooding came close to Hell's Kitchen. From Minervous' Flickr photostream, just down the street at the Intrepid on the Hudson River.

Tomorrow is Sandy Part Deux.

Some of the unusual pics/tweets/videos of today.

Wind blows down the wall of a small residential building on West 15th Street and Eighth Avenue.
At 44 seconds.

(7:57 PM EDT: NYPD say no injuries following facade collapse at New York City apartment building.)

NYT Firefighters inspect a collapsed building facade in the Manhattan borough of New York, Oct. 29, 2012

Read more here:

NYU nurses in pediatric ICU manually bagging patients on ventilators, according to a staffer. City begins emergency evacuation.

WCBS: Con Ed crews have shut off all the gas and steam pipes near collapsed crane on 57th Street.

More Reports from NYU Tisch hospital + backup generator failure. Personnel manually evacuating PICU and NICU down 9 flights of stairs.

Power out at NYU Hospital... moving patients out. Backup generators have failed.  From the news just now it seems that the patients are being moved in a fleet of ambulances to Sloan Kettering and Mt. Sinai.

Con Edison station exploding: at 22 seconds

On 50th Street windows bursting out of the building.

NYC with and without electricity. Photo by nicksummers

Lower Manhattan goes dark during hurricane, as seen from Brooklyn, N.Y.

Water rushing into Battery Tunnel

14th Street and Avenue A

20th St and Ave C, Manhattan: 

Battery Tunnel c/o MTA

Ground Zero construction site

Flood waters are now under the  on 24th Street, moving towards 10th Ave.  

Water rushing into a subterranean parking garage in the Financial District. via Getty
Coney Island flooded.. 

Rockaway this afternoon

The Hoboken (NJ) Path train subway station flooding. Photograph: NY Port Authority/Reuters

Uh oh. Now it's the rats. 

Hurricane Sandy Could Displace Rats, Spread Infectious Disease

Power out in Manhattan, south of 40th Street. (Allison Joyce / Getty Images)

Chrysler Building during the storm 

The Empire State Building seen from the part of Manhattan without light, which was south of 40th Street
How Times Square looks now. Photo Imgur.

New York Magazine compares Bloomberg's sign language interpreter to "guitarist during a blistering solo." 

Hurricane Sandy’s Breakout Star: Mayor Bloomberg’s Sign Language Interpreter

Hurricane Sandy With Interpreter REMIX


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