Thursday, December 15, 2016

A little Japanese meandering

Marvelously mischievous woodblock print by the Japanese artist, Kawanabe Kyōsai. This is one of his comic images in the erotic style of Japanese art known as Shunga.

Masters of old school craftsmanship by artisan,Hiroi MasaakiBeautiful Japanese wooden toys with moving parts and trick tops. Edo koma toys.
Such delightfully whimsical Edo Koma wooden toys with their naughty sense of humor. More footage of the master artisan, Hiroi Masaaki, making them.
A little Japanese food porn. A wet omelette, expertly made.

Paintings by Utagawa Hiroshige, 1797 – 12 October 1858, master of the ukiyo-e genre

Hiroshige's work came to have a marked influence on Western painting towards the close of the 19th century as a part of the trend in Japonism. Western artists closely studied Hiroshige's compositions, and some, such as van Gogh, painted copies of Hiroshige's prints.

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