Friday, December 30, 2016

Some excellent podcasts and fun stuff

A menu of interesting and fun podcasts:
Criminal - interesting crime stories via BANANARCHY

99% Invisible - It combines science, social science, and design to discuss aspects of the world around us. Some things that are common but are curious, some that are obscure and fascinating. Almost every one is a home run. via zazzlekdazzle

The History of Rome podcast by Mike Duncan. He also does another one called Revolutions which I'm listening to now. Very well researched and Mike is a joy to listen to. via treebeardsavesmannis

Bill Burr's Monday morning podcast is fucking hilarious. Some of the funniest parts are when he reads his advertisements cause he does all of these inflections with his voice and as he's reading he just calls the companies out on how stupid the advertisements sound. Highly recommend it! via code_and_coffee

My Dad Wrote A Porno. Pretty self explanatory, guys dad writes an erotic novel so he decided to make a podcast with two of his friends where he reads a chapter each episode. It's painfully funny, the combination of the terrible writing and the knowledge that this guy is essentially reading his dad's (graphic) sexual fantasies out loud is uniquely hysterical. via vulnerablehuman

Welcome to Night Vale is absolutely hilarious if you like dry humor. via Steven_Letols

100 Outstanding Audio Stories of 2016

The best podcast episodes & audio journalism of the year, as chosen by the Bello Collective team (and friends)


  • Investigative journalism
  • Politics & history
  • First-person storytelling & interviews
  • Out of the ordinary
  • Human behavior, love, & other feelings
  • Science, nature & technology
  • Cool collaborations & serialized stories
  • Audio drama
  • Documentary-style

-This American Life: pretty popular but their stories are so well crafted and I love Ira Glass.
-The Black Tapes: It's a fictional paranormal story told week by week. Pretty creepy and really entertaining. It's a good one to binge on a car ride.
-Tanis: It's by the same people as The Black Tapes, but this story has more of a new age/fantasy/conspiracy element. I don't like it as much as the Black Tapes, but it's still really good.
-Serial: One true story told in pieces week to week. First season was amazing. Second season was good, but a lot of people didn't like it as much.
-Guys We've Fucked: Two comediennes talk about sex and interview other comedians about their sex lives. They can be preachy, but it's still really entertaining.
-Planet Money: 15-20 minute stories about different economic topics. Most of them are really interesting and relevant to pop culture.
-Reply All: A podcast about the internet. They do a bunch of different stories that relate to a bunch of different aspects related to internet culture. Really great stuff.
-Lore: Great podcast about different folk lore/scary stories
-Sword and Scale: This one is a true crime podcast. Sometimes he'll use the whole podcast to talk about one story, other times it's three or four stories. Pretty eerie hearing a lot of the live testimony and nitty gritty. It can get graphic sometimes, but definitely a great listen.
-Freakanomics: A lot of similar content to the book, but they delve into different social issues and how they effect different economic problems.
-Radiolab: Pretty similar to TAL, but their segments are a little shorter and more concentrated.
-Embedded: They take a news story and do a really in-depth piece on it. The one about the biker brawl was absolutely fascinating.
-The Moth: Different people get pulled on stage to tell stories to a live audience.
-How I Built This: Different entrepreneurs talk about how they started their business. They feature every different type of company, from Sam Adams to Spanx to Patagonia. All super interesting.
-Making Oprah: This is only a three part series, but they do a really in depth analysis of why and how the Oprah show got popular.
-The Mortified Podcast: People read their diaries from when they were teens. Hilarious
-More Perfect: From the producers at Radio Lab. They examine supreme court cases that have impacted different facets of society
-Science Vs.: She takes a look at different issues in the media and the science behind them. She's done shows on fracking, organic foods, forensic science, etc.
-Astonishing Legends: They do multi-part series on different weird or paranormal things in pop culture. They get on tangents, but they guys that do the show are really entertaining and do some really in-depth research.
-Up and Vanished: A true crime podcast about a documentary maker who is looking into the case of a vanished woman in Georgia.
-Crimetown: Each season they take a look at the organized crime families of different cities, and how they shaped the city as a whole. Currently doing it on Providence, Rhode Island.
This is list is really long... but when you commute, it's a lifesaver! via rex0411

“One of the major findings in this study is that there is a dramatic difference in brain activity in the amygdala and hippocampus during inhalation compared with exhalation,” said lead author Christina Zelano, assistant professor of neurology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. “When you breathe in, we discovered you are stimulating neurons in the olfactory cortex, amygdala and hippocampus, all across the limbic system.”

Another potential insight of the research is on the basic mechanisms of meditation or focused breathing. “When you inhale, you are in a sense synchronizing brain oscillations across the limbic network,” Zelano noted.

Nasal Respiration Entrains Human Limbic Oscillations and Modulates Cognitive Function

Pranayama basics

Wow. What an incredible instrument and quite wonderful music. The Stranierofono.
Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia These 4,086 square miles in southwest Bolivia make up the world’s largest salt flat. The vast and incredibly flat plains and clear skies of Salar de Uyuni make it both one of the most famous “natural mirrors” on the planet.

Omg, this is one of my favorite videos, ever! Magnets and marbles
Snuggle time

An exquisite swan automaton

This is extraordinary. Wait for it.

Illustration of what's happening there.

Claghorn had an unshakable obsession with the South, and would proudly voice his disdain for the North in humorous ways. For instance, the Senator refused to ever wear a "Union suit" or drive through the Lincoln Tunnel when he visited New York City, and he claimed to drink only out of Dixie cups. The Senator even rebuked Allen for saying the word "no" in his presence, saying "N-O.. That's North abbreviated!!"
Delmar, as Claghorn, starred in the 1947 movie It's a Joke, Son! which featured the above clip. The entire movie is available at YouTube. Later in his career, Delmar found that Warner Brothers had copyrighted Foghorn Leghorn, and he had to get their permission to perform as his Claghorn character." 
Hilarious and somehow so pertinent to some of the insanity of this recent election and its ridiculous prejudices. It's a Joke Son, trailer.

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