Monday, December 12, 2016

December meandering, 2016

 Nicolas Amiard- classic paintings rock modern tats

Whoa, so humbling. Ronnie and Donnie. Had never heard of them before today. Wow, living in such close proximity. Maybe they need to speak to the united Nations and tell them how to keep peace in impossible circumstances.

It's always aggravated me when people denigrate any kind of bird as a sky rat, whether seagull or pigeon. Finally, some vindication, science based truths about pigeons, how exceptionally intelligent and excellent they are.  
Pigeon Story: How the Rock Dove Became the Sky Rat

Awww, teh helpful Nemo. A sweet relationship between postman and dog

This is so amazing and cool. What fabulously practical reciprocity. Huh, "mutualism".

I like the fun Animal Doodles by Rohan Dahotre
Eye mosaic by Andjelka Radojevic

Marvelous online collection of images by J.J. Grandville, here is his Un Autre Monde (1844)

Cosmic Night by dandingeroz on DeviantArt

David A. Hardy - Saturn from Rhea '53

Needing the sublime these days, the authentic, the true.
A Love Supreme is a four-part suite, broken up into tracks: "Acknowledgement" (which contains the mantra that gave the suite its name), "Resolution", "Pursuance", and "Psalm". It is intended to be a spiritual album, broadly representative of a personal struggle for purity, and expresses the artist's deep gratitude as he admits to his talent and instrument as being owned not by him but by a spiritual higher power. Coltrane plays exclusively tenor on all parts.

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