Saturday, December 10, 2016

December, 2016, a dark month, aching for light

Franz Sedlacek (Austrian, 1891-1945)- 
Evening Song (Abendlied), 1938

Franz Sedlacek, Evening Landscape, 1933

So, there was this scientist, Franz Sedlacek, (1891–1945) an Austrian,
who had trained as a chemistry technician but when he was older, he became an interesting, innovative artist. He let his imagination roam in strange, often darkly hilarious, eerie directions. A number of his paintings depict light in the distance, which is how I think of December at this latitude. And how I hope, yearn, for the future of the world, to go from this darkness toward the light.
Franz Sedlacek, Storm, 1932
Franz Sedlacek, Übungswiese (Training Ground), 1926
 Insekt mit Blüten, 1935

Study of Trumpet Blooms and Insects, 1935

Landschaft mit Jäger - Landscape with hunter, 1934 

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