Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday, July 13th 2012

New words of the week: 

haterade. Examplemaybe I should go watch some Rockford Files or something, It seems like I had an extra glass of haterade this morning
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femme banal, ie as contrasted with femme fatale.

Okay, I'm a childish fool for loving bloopers so much but I just do. Love those belly laughs.

Quite amazing.
Vikram Aur Betaal was a children's television programme aired on DD National. The series contained stories from Indian mythology that aim at teaching kids lessons of life while entertaining them. The concept of the program was based on Baital Pachisi, a collection of tales about the semi-legendary King Vikram (identified as Vikramāditya) and the Vetala, a huge vampire-like being.

'Vikram Aur Betaal' is based on 'Betaal Pachisi', written nearly 2,500 years ago by Mahakavi Somdev Bhatt. These are spellbinding stories told to the wise King Vikramaditya by the wily ghost Betaal.
Vikram Aur Betaal EP-1/26 (Part1)

I love the art of Yaron Steinberg. His website here.

recording from the brain mpeg

Below is his City of the brain, which I can relate to all too well.

Via VellasCollageSheets

Amusing photoshopped travel ad.

“Organized tours to hectic destinations.”
AgencyGitam BBDO, Israel

A few of the images from the marvelous old book: 
Indian Zoology

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